Commercial Services

Does the look of your commercial location attract customers or scare them away? Are your competitors beating you in the race because their beautiful place?

When it comes to business, the process of reaching success begins with first impressions. Let Lawn Army help you out in giving your place of business a total face-lift so you can stay one step ahead of everyone else.

Carefully Planned Landscaping Services

Designing the overall look of your commercial establishment is no joke. With our expertise and specialization, you can skip the mind-numbing planning for your front, side and back areas. We will handle all the landscaping needs from planting, potting, trimming, weeding, mowing and all other essentials. That way, your place is always looking fabulous all year round.

Premium Landscaping

We can give you recommendations so you can keep the awe-striking look of your place. Our personnel are thoroughly trained when it comes to the right types of flowers and plants to put during specific seasons. They will also tell you which fertilizer is most suitable for your place so that weeds would not grow and all the greens remain vibrant.

We aim to deliver everything that our clients need. Among the services we provide for commercial establishments include:

  • Cleanup of debris, junk, leaf removal and hauling
  • Implementing a program which prevents growth of weeds
  • Applying appropriate fertilizer for the lawn and other areas to ensure healthy growth of greeneries and flowers
  • Core aeration which allows proper growth of plants
  • Adding mulch to the soil before the cold season comes to keep the roots insulated and moist
  • Seasonal color which transforms the fa├žade to an endearing area because of the added splash of color in every corner
  • Regular mowing of grasses to tidy-up the overall look
  • Mulching or bagging trimmings and leaves
We carefully discuss all services with our clients before implementation to keep the excellence of our work.


The ultimate in lawn care

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