The services we offer

Lawn Army specializes in superb lawn and yard maintenance. We are here to join you in your quest to beautify your home. We will help you with every aspect of your land care. Our extensive list of products and services allow you to create a maintenance plan that fits your needs and desires.

Let's talk. We would like to visit your property so we can carefully review your needs. We can craft a plan that works for you in every way.

Top of the Line Equipment

When you sign up for our services, you would not have to spend a lot of money just because the project takes up extended hours before it gets done. Because we have the latest equipment, we can give you better results at a shorter period of time.

All our equipment are also regularly sharpened, cleaned and properly stored to ensure that they are all in ship-shape condition all the time. There will be no delays just because of equipment malfunction.

Friendly Personnel

We see our customers as our partners towards success. Hence, our personnel always ensure that they carefully pay attention to the unique needs of our customers. That way, the work will be done without all the fuss.

Customer Satisfaction

Our utmost priority is the happiness of our customers. If you are pleased, then that gives us contentment too. Hence, we have open communication lines which welcome comments and feedback from our valued customers, just like you. If we missed something, give us a call and we will attend to your concerns.


The ultimate in lawn care

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