Lawn Army is dedicated to providing you with your needs when it comes to decorating and maintaining the lawn in your home or place of business. When you entrust your place to our company, you would not need to call anyone else. We will make sure that everything on your checklist is accomplished and cancelled out.

Clean-up of Yard, Removal of Debris, Junk and Leaf and Hauling

We know that the beautification of any lawn begins with cleanliness. We understand that this can be such a tedious task, so let us handle it! When all these eye-sore has accumulated in your yard, you can schedule for our services. There is no need to get your hands dirty because we will do the mowing, pulling of leaves, defining edges and getting rid of debris and junk.

Fertilization of Lawn

Yes, the greens on your lawn also need nutrients too. We have the perfect fertilizer which keeps your lawn luscious and healthy for 2-3 months due to the slow-release formula.

Weed Control System

If you are tired of all those unwanted weeds which ruin the beauty of your lawn¸ we have the perfect solution to your dilemma. We provide average lawn size treatment and liquid spraying for front and back, using only the best products.

Maintenance to Weeding of Planters or Flower Beds

We do manual pulling of weeds. You can get this service at one hour minimum. You can also sign up for regularly scheduled services on a three- month basis to ensure that weeds are all gone.

Core Aeration

When spring comes, it is recommended to aerate compacted ground so roots of plants would be able to absorb water and fertilizer much better. We also offer de- thatching for St. Augustine. If there are ground sprinklers, it is a MUST for sprinkler heads and valve boxes to be flagged so that our spike blades would not damage them.

Mulch Addition

Mulch is necessary to keep the soil moist and insulated, especially against extreme temperatures. To make your lawn look more fantastic, we also have premium hardwoods, cypress and red shed for an extra burst of color.

Seasonal Color

If you want to brighten up the look of your lawn and flowerbed even more, we can also plant seasonal colors, once or twice a year. We will handle the planting, potting soil and adding necessary fertilizers.


The ultimate in lawn care

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