Platinum Property Service - Year Round

Regular visits throughout the year with increased frequency during the heavy growth weeks. Lawn Army Platinum members receive all of the services listed below and may request to add the additional optional services to their service plan.
Platinum Property Service includes:
  • Trim: Weed eat around fences & trees.
  • Edge: Around sidewalks, drives, & borders.
  • Clean: Blow off all sidewalks, porches, and drives.
  • Trim: Cut back all shrubs and bushes that need it.
  • Planters/Bed maintenance: Weed removal every visit.
  • Leaf Removal: During weekly visit during leaf season.
  • Pruning: Small tree's and low limbs pruned up during winter.
  • Seasonal color: (Bedding plants) available for people who would like color year round. (Prices vary upon selection)
  • Worry free service: Relax! Let us take care of your lawn and landscape needs for you.
  • Weed Control: Quarterly herbicide applications of premium pre-emergents and post emergent weed killer for your specific grass, grubworm control (at the right time), and more to help in weed control, all concrete surfaces and cracks sprayed with Round Up.
  • Lawn Fertilization: 3 applications per year of recommended slow release premium fertilizer and nutrients; including winterizer to help feed roots, and spring take off application for a head start. Applications last up to 4 months.


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